The Birthday Trip

I hate it when you book a rental vehicle and part of the contract says “or similar”. There is nothing “similar” in my mind, to a Mustang. And I was ready to put up a fight…”If you don’t have a Mustang waiting for me, I’m NOT GOING.” Yeah, like that would shake their rattle.

Fortunately, there were two of them in the lot, both silver/grey, when we got there, so we knew we were on our way :D.  So Gracie and I head out tomorrow morning on our birthday trip to the Okanagan.

It took us awhile to figure out a few things about the car. We didn’t know how to open the trunk. Well, you can’t go on a vacation without a trunk, so we had to mess around with a few buttons until Gracie exclaimed “Oh, HERE it is…”. Thank goodness. The other thing was the sound system. You have to understand that weeks ago we sat up until 2am finding songs that we wanted to have playing in the car on the trip. Sitting up until 2am is a HUGE sacrifice, a COMPLETE change in behaviour for me.

I know. I’m old.

We came up with over 4 hours of music that Gracie dutifully loaded on her iPod Touch. But for the life of us, we couldn’t figure out how to plug it in. We decided that we could take her new dock, and play the music from that, but it was still a bit of a sacrifice since the ‘stang has SUCH a nice audio system. I mean, it’s a $65,000 car, it must have an audio jack at least!

Well, it was sitting in the driveway and we decided we just wanted to sit in it and smell the leather. And Gracie, once again, started poking around and found the jack. YES! With a little fussing and mussing, we got it going…she hit the play button on her iPod and out came…

“She’s a brick (da, da, dah, da) HOUSE (da, da, dah, da)
She’s mighty, mighty
Just lettin’ it ALL hang out…”

Ah. It’s going to be a good trip.

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