For songwriter’s out there, new and old, I have had a songwriting blog for several years that you might want to check out for tips and tricks and general articles.

But I actually started out online in 1996 in a newsgroup called It apparently still exists as a Google group although I shifted over to creating my own songwriting message board on my website for a number of years after that.

Of course, much of that activity was meant to develop my own songwriting, and publicize my own music. I released 5 recordings between the years 1993 and 2012. The first, “Foolishly Fantasizing” was only released on cassette tape (!!), but the others were released in CD format and also as mp3s. Years ago, there was a website called on which I posted a number of my songs that did very well. I also did a lot of performing early on, starting in the 70’s in and around Vancouver, BC, and then again in the late 80’s around Vancouver Island. I played in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fransisco on a trip I took in 1999 to spread my music. I kept a massive list of all of the venues I performed in over the years, but I won’t bore you with that.

Since the days of making money from CD’s is long gone, I will be adding my tracks slowly but surely here on this website over the next while.

Here is a song I recently sang on CHEK Television as part of Rapid Relief. It’s called “What Do I Know?” and this is the recorded version from 2000! The entire album is below.

Songs From Catnip

©2000 I.Woloshen SOCAN

Songs From Motor Scooter

©1996 I.Woloshen SOCAN