The Best Christmas Gift I Can’t Recall

You often see local papers or other media asking the public to submit their stories about Christmas. It could be about your favourite moment or the best gift you received, or anything like that.

Well, the best Christmas gift I ever got is one I can’t even remember.

Let me explain.

I might have been 5 or 6 years old when this happened. Because my family was originally from Denmark, we always celebrated our Christmas and opened our presents on Christmas Eve, as is part of the Scandinavian tradition.

All of my neighbourhood friends were clearly envious of me getting my gifts a day early. But it was actually tortuous for me too.

That’s because I had to wait ALL THROUGH Christmas Eve dinner before opening my gifts. I could barely eat sometimes, never mind think about dessert. I would shuffle impatiently in my chair all through the meal. All I could think about were those gifts sitting there under the tree, waiting for me.

On this particular Christmas Eve we were finally finished the meal, and my mother was clearing the plates and dishes from the table. My Dad went to put the garbage outside at the back of the house, and I just sat there, beside myself with excitement.

Please! Please! I want to open them NOW!!

Suddenly, I heard something. Was it a voice? Yes, a man’s voice. It was coming from outside the front door. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” the man said. “Merry Christmas!”

I couldn’t believe my ears! Santa was here. HERE! At MY HOUSE!!

I yelled to my mother and ran down the stairs to the front entrance. “It’s Santa! Santa’s here!!” I screamed.

When I flung the front door open and raced out, I didn’t see anyone. I peered into the darkness, straining, hoping to see the sleigh, the reindeer. Anything. The street was still. The sky was silent.

I ran out to the lawn and looked up at the roof of our house. Nothing. My mother came and stood at the doorway watching me, smiling.

And that’s when I saw the gift sitting on the sidewalk leading up to the front door. Santa left me a present! I looked around again, but no sign of the red suit. Never mind. He left me a present!

I grabbed the gift and went inside, breathlessly gushing about Santa actually coming to MY HOUSE and leaving me a present. We went inside and upstairs to the living room.

When I finally saw my Dad, I excitedly told him what had happened. I couldn’t believe that my Dad missed it all.

Because he was putting the garbage out.

To this day, I can’t for the life of me remember what the gift was that Santa brought me. But that didn’t really matter.


2 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Gift I Can’t Recall

  1. I vaguely remember this. I thought you were nuts. Oh ya you are ‘I just go nuts at Christmas………’ I will always remember this song and remember your mum and dad.

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