‘Tis The Season for Song Contests

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I am always skeptical of song contests, especially smaller ones that promise all kinds of wonderful prizes if you pay the entry fee, and enter as often as you want!! Yeah, yeah, pull the other one 🙂

However, I’ve come across a couple lately that have caught my attention, the first one being the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council competition for a new song. It looks like they’re interested in a video version of whatever song you do…but here’s a chance to win a whole bunch of free hot dogs!

National Hot Dog & Sausage Council Contest

Okay, let’s get more serious.  The USA Songwriting Competition is about 14 years old and seems to be one of the more legitimate of those that I have come across.  This high profile competition has a grand prize of $50,000 in cash and merchandise, so I suggest that if you’re going to try for one, it might as well be this one:

USA Songwriting Competition

And here’s another one that I found by the Eastside Folk & Blues Festival.  Thank goodness there are song contests in categories other than pop or rock!  The entry fee is very reasonable and if you’re a folk songwriter (or blues or bluegrass!), this might be the opportunity for you:

Eastside Folk & Blues Festival Song Contest

Write on!


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  2. Nice list of song competitions!! I would like to add another one for 2016 i.e. VocalMatch contest. It is accepting entries from all of the aspiring singers and songwriters without any charges. Winners will get a coveted trophy and additional cash prize. Visit : http://www.vocalmatch.com/contest/ for more information!!

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