If you have a songwriting or music-related webpage that you would like to suggest, email Irene.  Reciprocal links gratefully accepted 🙂

SONGWRITING – created by Danny Arena and Sara Light, an online “university” for songwriters

Muse’s Muse – a huge and popular songwriting website, highly recommended

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog – a great blog, including lots of tips by Gary Ewer.  He also has books, DVDs and web videos to peruse.  You’ll spend lots of time on his site!

Songwriting Tips, Tricks & Techniques – Ultimate Songwriting.comA wealth of songwriting details to help you write better songs. Comprehensive songwriting tips, song writing articles, help and advice.

John Braheny – Expert advice for songwriters and bands.  Not a scam.

Richhoncho Songwriter Links –  great and useful collection of links


Chord Progression Lessons – a good primer on the meaning and use of chord progressions

All Guitar Chords – Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales.

Online Rhyming Dictionary – exactly what it says! – sometimes you have to look it up!

Free Expression Meanings – sometimes an interesting place to get an idea or to explore the meaning in common expressions that you may use in your songwriting


Just Like a Woman – Eyolf Østrem analyzes Dylan’s song

The Brill Building – want to know where some of the greatest songs of all time came from?

A-Lyric – everything you ever wanted to know about lyrics:  stories, meanings, book reviews and commentary

Second Hand Songs – find out who wrote the original versions of many songs here


Studio Forum (Swedish) – a forum for home studio recording enthusiasts – The “online music factory” where you can create beats and background music for your song online and have a listen to what it might sound like.  Lots of fun!


Irene’s CDs listen to Irene’s songs

Irene’s Artyep, she also paints

Moonstone ProductionsIrene’s music production studio

Guitar BlogIrene the guitar teacher, full of articles and videos

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