If you have a songwriting or music-related webpage that you would like to suggest, email Irene.  Reciprocal links gratefully accepted 🙂

SONGWRITING – created by Danny Arena and Sara Light, an online “university” for songwriters

Muse’s Muse – a huge and popular songwriting website, highly recommended

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog – a great blog, including lots of tips by Gary Ewer.  He also has books, DVDs and web videos to peruse.  You’ll spend lots of time on his site!

Songwriting Tips, Tricks & Techniques – Ultimate Songwriting.comA wealth of songwriting details to help you write better songs. Comprehensive songwriting tips, song writing articles, help and advice.

John Braheny – Expert advice for songwriters and bands.  Not a scam.

SongWellspring – Designed to be a source of information for songwriters, here are lists of music libraries, music supervisors, performance venues, organizations and much more.

University of N. Carolina Music Program – they’ve always kindly provided a link to my site 🙂

Richhoncho Songwriter Links –  great and useful collection of links

Songwriting Resources – another collection of songwriting links from Kristen Williams


Chord Progression Lessons – a good primer on the meaning and use of chord progressions

All Guitar Chords – Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales.

Online Rhyming Dictionary – exactly what it says! – sometimes you have to look it up!

Free Expression Meanings – sometimes an interesting place to get an idea or to explore the meaning in common expressions that you may use in your songwriting


Just Like a Woman – Eyolf Østrem analyzes Dylan’s song

The Brill Building – want to know where some of the greatest songs of all time came from?

A-Lyric – everything you ever wanted to know about lyrics:  stories, meanings, book reviews and commentary

The Singer/Songwriters of Second Life – yes, and they make money too!

Second Hand Songs – find out who wrote the original versions of many songs here


Studio Forum (Swedish) – a forum for home studio recording enthusiasts – The “online music factory” where you can create beats and background music for your song online and have a listen to what it might sound like.  Lots of fun!

Recording A Demo – a video series by Barry Bergman, a veteran manager, music publisher, speaker, consultant, who is the president and founder of the Music Managers Forum in the United States.

Finding The Right Producer For Your Songs – by Andrea Stolpe on the Berklee Music Blog



Irene’s CDs listen to and order Irene’s CDs

I Like Songsa blog all about the songs IJ likes

Moonstone ProductionsIrene’s music production studio

Guitar InstructionIrene the guitar teacher

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