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Elvis Costellos Spectacle
Elvis Costello's Spectacle

So far, I’ve caught a couple of episodes of Elvis Costello’s new television series called “Spectacle”, and as a songwriter it has certainly grabbed my attention and kept it for the entire hour. One episode featured Sting and The Police and another featured one of my all time favourite songwriters, James Taylor.

Elvis is a very intelligent and thoughtful interviewer and doesn’t get in the way of his guests, leaving them the room to discuss in depth their creative process and their personal and professional histories.  The Sundance Channel website offers clips from each of the 12 episodes, and then does something different.  You can watch an entire episode online, but only when it is scheduled.  It will even give you the option of setting yourself a reminder so that you can tune in when the episode airs online.  Interesting.  I wonder if this model will work in today’s “on demand” and “let me watch when I want to watch” mindset.

Regardless of where you watch it (in Canada it airs on the CTV network), if you get a chance to, check it out.


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