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Here is a news article copied from Reuters Canada:

Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa (Photo credit: ama_lia)

“I feel sorry for Lady Gaga — she’s just a plastic doll generated by the music money marketing machine,” Apps states in a release. “This contest gives people a chance to choose which they prefer — plastic or real.”The competition would take place at New York‘s Madison Square Garden or London’s O2 Arena, with each singer performing a series of songs.

Lady Gaga has not responded to the challenge thus far.

Apps has yet to release her debut album, but a clip of the singer performing the track “How Do I Make Right” has earned 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Here is the problem with the challenge.  Lady GaGa, in spite of her “plastic” and silly make-up and costumes, is actually a talented artist.  I haven’t heard Alisa Apps (and I won’t because that’s exactly what she’s looking for!), but she’s actually put herself in a pretty bad light.  You don’t bad mouth in order to make yourself look better.  I’m not a huge Lady GaGa fan, but I see her talent and so do many others.

What do you think?


PS… Ah, perhaps Alisa Apps thought GaGa was lip-synching, when, as it turns out, she wasn’t

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  1. You know envy is the green monster in all of us, Laddy Gaga has made a great name for herself and i dont cair if she has a “you know what”. She will stay one of the best singer/songwriters there is in today’s musical world!

  2. Have not check this , but I understand that LG was and is a songwriter, got tired of other plastic people singing her songs and invented a personna.

  3. What the fucking fuck? This is BULLSHIT, what the fuck is this bitch on about?
    Lady Gaga isn’t remotely fake or plastic in her musical interest, she was writing songs for Britney and Pussycat Dolls before she was famous and writes her own songs and plays the piano…who the fuck is this bitch Apps?? She’s a fucking moron.
    As for the challenge, I don’t believe Lady Gaga should take it, this bitch seems negative and Gaga is all about the positivity.

  4. I’m a 44 year old mom of 4 children ranging in the ages of 28 to 12. Two boys and two girls. I have been a victim of brutal bullying as a teen and one of my daughters as well has been bullied due to her hair color of fabulous, beautiful red. It never mattered what mom had to say but it did make a difference when Lady Gaga sang about it. I am forever grateful to her lyrics. I couldn’t care less what she dresses like or needs to do to get her messages out. I love her for it and it takes guts to do what she does. I admire your strength and your love for your fans. I have cried many times listening to your songs. It has also inspired the writer in me once again. That is a gift taken from me many years ago and one you at such an odd age for me has given back. I now have 5 songs in my book of works. I am forever inspired by you. Thank you from the deepest depths of my soul. I am a better mom now that you have brought me back to life. Who knew such a young artist could inspire an old bat like me. Your songs healed my wounds. Words are mightier then the sword. I also love a good beat and you have also made me dance again. Rock on Dame Lady Gaga.

    1. I don’t think it’s necessary to trash anyone just because you don’t like them? The fact is that a lot of young girls admire Lady Gaga, and that’s not a bad thing. They also get into playing music because of her (I can attest to that, being a guitar teacher!), so that’s an even better thing as far as I’m concerned!

  5. dame gaga ,….is the real deal…i find it amusing that lil’TERDS To GRANDMA MADONNA have to take swipes at her.madonna is an old has been,who was successful who is now just trying to hold on to it for dear life!!! gaga is the real deal,even though im not a huge fan,but she is far more talented than the above mentioned….greystoke!

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