Another Case of Plagiarism

Singer Leona Lewis has been accused of plagiarism, after releasing a song called “Collide”, which has exactly the same piano track as a song by up and coming DJ Avici.  This time, when listening to both, there is no doubt in my mind that they are the same.  The piano melody is even the same key…no attempt to hide anything there!  Listen for yourself.  First Leona Lewis’ track “Collide”:


And now Avici’s track, “Penguin”:



Since Avici is considered and up-and-coming star of the DJ circuit, you’d think they would have better sense!  On the other hand, Leona Lewis’ record label, Simon Cowell’s Syco, claims it had properly credited the DJ on the Lewis release.  I wonder if it’s considered okay to use a track without first asking permission, regardless of the credit?  This will be an interesting story to follow.


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  1. Well, Avici knows his music because the intro is a part from a track of the ‘penguin cafe orchestra’ Find out.

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