An Old Song

I recently found a crusty old cassette that I recorded sometime in the late 70’s and managed to find a cassette player (!!) to play it on. I wanted to transfer the whole thing over to digital to preserve it, just for my own amusement. I barely recognized the songs, let alone the inspiration behind them! Hang on to your old songs, even if you aren’t particularly fond of them…you never know how much pleasure it will give you many years down the road 🙂

That got me to thinking about my more recent “old” songs.

And then I started playing a few of them, just to entertain myself. I came upon one that I recorded in the late 90’s called Sweet Cinderella. I’ve been thinking about the notion of doing a Facebook Live “concert” one of these days because I haven’t really performed in awhile. So I wanted to test out my equipment and see how it would look and sound. The mix is a little off, the guitar a little too hot, but here’s the video:

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