1. Hi Frances…I’ve just added them to the bottom of the post, so if you reload that page, you should see the two chorus chords!

      1. Hi Irene can you just clarify at what point I switch chords on the chart
        Sorry to ask ,
        Kindest regards Sam

      2. Thanks for the post Irene. I’m a retired jockey so it only made sense for me to learn A Horse With No Name as my very first song on my beautiful Martin D15!
        Very good breakdown. Wish you were In Tucson, I’d take some lessons!

  1. Irene, please move to the UK so that I can get lessons!! I’m a 68 yr old that desperately wants to play this beautiful instrument and had not ‘made’ any music, just plucked chords, but with your strum patterns for ‘A horse with no name’, I’ve done it!! I’m a guitarist!!! Changed chords and everything!! More instruction please. Thank you so much, you are a star!
    many, many thanks from Bob Harris in Swansea, Wales, UK

    1. Hi Bob…that’s funny, I was in the UK a couple of months ago…sorry I missed you 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know how you succeeded. I do plan to do more videos over time. I’m just so busy teaching these days that I struggle with finding the time.
      Thanks again for making my day!

  2. Hi from Ontario Irene 🙂

    I’m really glad that I found you! I’m new to guitar and this song is the first one that my teacher gave me to learn. I’m having trouble transitioning from an Em to a D 6/9 over F sharp. You give such a great explanation in breaking it down though, I really wish you could offer online lessons, I’d sign up in a heartbeat!

    1. Hi Barb…I was in Toronto just a couple of weeks ago! My first time in your province 🙂

      I have a huge load of students right now, and other work that I’m doing, but when things calm down I plan to do some more videos.

      Thanks so much for your comments and I’m glad it was of help to you!


  3. Thank you for your strum pattern! I am now able to start sound like the song! You are very helpful and your teaching method is easy for me to understand. I am just starting to play. John D.

  4. Irene: Thank you so much for the lesson on Horse with no Name I have found it quite award to play in the past but you have some how made it more simplified thanks again.
    you said some thing about two more chords. is there any chance that you could send them to me, and where in the song do they fit?

  5. I just wanted to say well done and thank you for the very good video focusing on the strum pattern for The Horse with No Name. Also, an additional thank you for providing the strumming pattern diagram along with the words and chords to the song. You gave me something with this lesson I can take with me on my journey. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bart…thanks very much for your feedback 🙂
      Here’s to continuing your musical journey!

  6. Hi Irene very mellow teacher easy to follow and understand I’ve got the strumming pattern down for the first 2 chords would love to hear you play the other 2 chord and how they are supposed to sound. Thanks for your help.

  7. Hi Irene
    Can you tell which chords to switch to on the chart I’ve copied the chart unsure when to change from em to d6 (9)
    Thank you for all your help complete guitar novice
    Kind regards Sam

  8. I believe you switch chords when the strum pattern ends.. so complete the first pattern down, down, up, down, up, down, up and then change chord then down, up, up, up, down, up

    Great tutorial & very helpful 🙂

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