Cheez Whiz I’m Almost 50 :-)

Well, here it is folks…the birthday present I gave to myself. Only rented, of course. But I’ve got this to carouse in for a week or so and so far I’m just loving it! The colour took me a little while to get used to, but now I kind of like it. It sure turns a lot of heads anyway!

Last night I picked up my pal Crystal and we drove to the golf course to meet Elaine and Anne…we golf together almost every week while the weather is nice. It was a hoot! On the way home, wouldn’t you know? We hit a road block…police checking for drunk drivers. Well, we hadn’t had anything because we’d been golfing for 3 hours. As I drove up, the officer asked me “So how would you describe this colour?” I said “Why, it’s Cheez Whiz!” He had a good laugh, checked us out (no, not THAT way), we started to pull away. Another small group of younger officers were standing there as we drove off…one yelled “Whooo-hoooo!” Crystal and I enjoyed that tremendously.

I’ve noticed something…I seem to be attracting a lot of young males. After the car, of course, not the driver. 🙁

Today, I drove Michael around Dallas Road and Cattle Point…it was beautiful. We pulled over and he took a few pictures of me and my Cheez Whiz. I’m loving it!


Summer of 1958

This is my favourite picture of my little family…it was the summer of 1958 and I was a year old. I don’t know who took the picture, but I just love it. I look pretty well-fed, eh? We were so happy!


The Woloshen Family Barbeque July 14th, 2007

We were made to wear these silly hats all night as the Woloshens, including the “boys” from London, England, all converged upon my sister-in-law Joanna and her husband Casey’s place in Richmond. In the first photo, we proudly display our birthday attire.

There are three of us in the Woloshens celebrating our 50th this year: my sister-in-law Donna, Michael and myself…we’d be the ones in the hats. We were treated to a sing-a-long and were well fed and teased all night…it was great!

The second picture is myself and Richard on the left and Mike on the right — the “Brits”. They showed us pictures of their new flat outside of London…beautifully decorated and right on the river with a nice balcony to watch the world (and the cruise ships!) go by. They keep trying to convince Michael and I to go and visit them before they come back to Canada for good in 3 years or so.

The next photo is of my lovely in-laws, Andy and Bea Woloshen — eating again. Sshhh — don’t bother them when they’re eating!

Then there’s my gorgeous brother-in-law Casey, firing up the barby.

It was hot under that hat…Donna kept sneaking her’s off all night, but we kept our eyes on her! I got to the point where I couldn’t take it off.

Hat head.

It’s worse than pillow head.

It was the first time all of the Woloshen siblings had been together for quite awhile, so we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Happy Canada Day 2007 :-)

These images are from today, July 1st, 2007. Gracie and Michael and I spent some time at Fort Rodd Hill, which was an actual fort built in the late 1890’s to protect and defend Victoria and the Esquimalt Naval Base. It’s one of many national historic sites across the country, and every Canada Day there is a big celebration there with a military band, 21 gun salute, a huge birthday cake and lots of festivities.

Gracie and Michael and I wandered around the fort after the ceremonies, and Gracie and I took a few pictures. Gracie made those shirts that Michael and I are wearing, a few years back when she was taking Textiles 12 at Vic High. We wear them every year and always get lots of compliments. One year a lady came up to us and offered Gracie money if she would make her one!

The giant flag you see is actually attached to the lighthouse out in the harbour…I thought it was a cool shot 🙂 In another shot you can see the lighthouse which is actually on a very small island called Fisgard Island. The walkway was built out the lighthouse and you can go inside and tour around it.

You’ll also see a shot of the crowds taken from on top of the gunnary. In one shot, if you look carefully, you can see a big puff of smoke and Michael and Gracie plugging their ears as the 21 gun salute begins. I swear I didn’t plug my ears once 🙂 I’m not skeerd! You can also see Michael and Gracie exiting one of the many gun batteries and underground magazines that visitors can view at the Fort.

It was a nice, mild day, not too hot and not too crowded this year. Finally as we were driving away from the Fort, we spotted this beautiful deer on the side of the rode. I grabbed my camera, but I’m a goof and had it on another setting, so Gracie got a lovely shot. Oh, Canada!