1. Irene, please move to the UK so that I can get lessons!! I’m a 68 yr old that desperately wants to play this beautiful instrument and had not ‘made’ any music, just plucked chords, but with your strum patterns for ‘A horse with no name’, I’ve done it!! I’m a guitarist!!! Changed chords and everything!! More instruction please. Thank you so much, you are a star!
    many, many thanks from Bob Harris in Swansea, Wales, UK

    1. Hi Bob…that’s funny, I was in the UK a couple of months ago…sorry I missed you 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know how you succeeded. I do plan to do more videos over time. I’m just so busy teaching these days that I struggle with finding the time.
      Thanks again for making my day!

  2. Hi from Ontario Irene 🙂

    I’m really glad that I found you! I’m new to guitar and this song is the first one that my teacher gave me to learn. I’m having trouble transitioning from an Em to a D 6/9 over F sharp. You give such a great explanation in breaking it down though, I really wish you could offer online lessons, I’d sign up in a heartbeat!

    1. Hi Barb…I was in Toronto just a couple of weeks ago! My first time in your province 🙂

      I have a huge load of students right now, and other work that I’m doing, but when things calm down I plan to do some more videos.

      Thanks so much for your comments and I’m glad it was of help to you!


  3. Thank you for your strum pattern! I am now able to start sound like the song! You are very helpful and your teaching method is easy for me to understand. I am just starting to play. John D.

  4. Irene: Thank you so much for the lesson on Horse with no Name I have found it quite award to play in the past but you have some how made it more simplified thanks again.
    you said some thing about two more chords. is there any chance that you could send them to me, and where in the song do they fit?

  5. Hello Irene,

    Really great job with this post! Starting to learn this song very well because of you ! Could you show me how to make that Dmaj9 chord…it’s trouble…do you have have to show that as well…?

    Thanks so much !!

    1. Hello Irene,

      Sorry about that last bit, what I meant to say was that would it be possible for you to post a video showing how the other two chords work with the strumming pattern?

      Thanks so much,


      1. Hi Darryl…I will try to do that! In the meantime, you treat those two chords exactly as the first two, changing at the same place in the strum.

  6. Hello Irene,
    I want to thank you for your wonderful explanation of the strumming pattern to the song Horse With No Name. I have been learning guitar for the last two years, with no musical background. The light bulb was turned on and I have a better understanding about the timing and strumming to this song.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi from Israel

    GREAT video & doc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Excellent Video! Thank you Irene for sharing your wisdom and for your inspiring and easy to follow video! I’m a beginner, thankful to be studying with Brian Griffith (Big 3) in Canada who is also a great teacher, but I just couldn’t hear the song with current basic strumming pattern. I’m so grateful for your tutelage, your students are very blessed! Blessings, Yvette. PS: Please sent me the other 2 chords 🙏🏻

  9. Hi from Texas Irene, I just found your video & although I’m slower than molasses well I only wander if someone as lovely as you might consider dating a disabled veteran who has no musical talent no where in his body well may you always be beautifully blessed

    1. Well, I might have taken you up on your offer, kind sir, had I not been married already to a wonderful man!
      All the best to you!

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