Horse With No Name Strum

Below is my YouTube video describing the Horse With No Name Strum:

And this is the strum pattern:


  1. Irene, please move to the UK so that I can get lessons!! I’m a 68 yr old that desperately wants to play this beautiful instrument and had not ‘made’ any music, just plucked chords, but with your strum patterns for ‘A horse with no name’, I’ve done it!! I’m a guitarist!!! Changed chords and everything!! More instruction please. Thank you so much, you are a star!
    many, many thanks from Bob Harris in Swansea, Wales, UK

    1. Hi Bob…that’s funny, I was in the UK a couple of months ago…sorry I missed you 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know how you succeeded. I do plan to do more videos over time. I’m just so busy teaching these days that I struggle with finding the time.
      Thanks again for making my day!

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